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"I feel exceptionally privileged that I have been able to take part in such an extraordinary research project and that I have been sharing the journey with other twins since the very start of TEDS. Over the years the project has enabled me and my twin to understand more about twins and their progress and made me feel part of something special. I hope that the data collected has been valuable and that my contributions have helped a wonderful project to continue."

Posted by Anonymous 15/03/2016

"Dear The TEDS Team, Congratulations on your 20th anniversary for the research you've been doing. It is amazing what you have been researching and I have loved all the questionnaires and activities we have done over the years. Best of luck with future research"

Posted by Anonymous 15/03/16

"I would just like to let you know I have just read your recent newsletter and must say how much I enjoyed it. I would like to thank you for nearly 19 years of support and enjoyment I have had from TEDS. My daughters will be 19 in June and I must say time flies by. I have enjoyed every minute of every day with them and still do. I look forward to your study on Emerging Adulthood. Once again thank you to you and all your valuable staff."

Posted by Anonymous 15/03/16

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