‘Emerging adulthood’ is the name given to the phase between childhood and adulthood. Our twins have now reached this point and are starting to make their own way in the world: moving away, working, going to university and generally becoming more independent. As this transition is so varied (while some chose to stay at home, others move to the other side of the world) we will be interested to look back at the predictors of outcomes in emerging adulthood as well as looking forward to their goals, ambitions and plans for the future.

We need your help!

This is where our TEDS twins come in! Like all our research, we could not do it without the continued support from our twins and their families who spend time filling in questionnaires, completing online tests and even help us with testing and piloting. TEDS 21 is our new stage of testing and we hope to get information from all of our twins!This might seem like an enormous challenge (we have over 10,000 active families), however the TEDS team is up for the challenge and we are thinking of clever and innovative way to make testing a little more exciting than just pencil and paper.

Two phases of data collection

Because there are so many questions we wanted to ask our twins, we decided to split TEDS 21 into two phases of data collection (two questionnaires). Phase 1 started in June 2017 and is still ongoing, and it involves separate questionnaires for twins and parents. Phase 2 started in February 2018, and it involves a questionnaire for twins only, not parents.

TEDS’ new way of testing

….Introducing the TEDS app! We have designed a new app for our TEDS families to use. This will provide them with an easy way to fill in questionnaires and details wherever they are. But fear not, if apps aren’t your thing, TEDS families will also be able to complete questionnaires on the web or on paper if you prefer. But that’s not all – we are also designing a TEDS game (a few sneak peek pics below!)

How do we get involved?

Since February 2018, we have been sending invitations to all TEDS twins to take part in phase 2 of TEDS 21. In Summer 2017, we sent invitations to all TEDS twins and parents to take part in phase 1. Your invitations should have arrived by email and/or by post. In each phase of TEDS 21, we are asking every participant to complete a questionnaire, using our app or if you prefer using the web or a paper booklet. If you haven't received your invitation, or if you have mislaid your login details, please contact us.

Further details of how to take part, including web links, are described on our TEDS 21 login page.

From left to right: Previews of the TEDS app, now launched, and the TEDS 21 game, currently being designed.