TEDS Data Dictionary

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This is the home page of the TEDS Data Dictionary. The Data Dictionary provides thorough documentation of the data collected in all the major TEDS studies. From this home page, you can follow links to various documents describing the TEDS data. These documents are either web (html) pages or pdf files, all of which can be viewed in a browser window.


Navigate through the system simply by clicking on links in the web pages. At the top of each web page you will find a link back to this Home page. Down the left hand side of each web page, there is a list of links related to the context of the page. Additional links, where relevant, are placed within the body of each web page.

As well as the links, you can use the Back and Forward buttons in your browser in the usual way.

For researchers new to the TEDS study, a good place to start is the overall measures page. This page contains tables summarising the types of measures collected in each of the TEDS studies.

Pdf documents

Certain documents, such as booklets and questionnaires, are provided as pdf files (rather than web pages), in order to preserve the original formatting. Links to pdf documents are indicated by this symbol: (pdf). If you click on one of these links, the pdf document will open in a new browser window - if you close this window after reading the pdf document, you should find that the original browser window is still open. The pdf documents in this system do not contain links to other pages/documents.

System Requirements

These pages can be viewed using any web browser, on any platform. Many of the documents are saved in pdf format - in order to open these, you must have Adobe (Acrobat) Reader installed on your computer.