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TEDS Current Data Requests

This web site provides details of current collaborative research projects involving analysis of TEDS data. Such projects are recorded and approved by means of the TEDS data request system, according to our data access policy.

Data request projects fall into two very broad categories: researcher projects and consortia.

Researcher projects are led by an individual researcher, or a small group, based in a localised university research department. These data requests are time-limited (the current limit is two years) and the usual outcome, if successful, is publication in an academic journal. Occasionally, a data request may have another outcome such as an unpublished thesis or a grant application. The researcher projects listed in this web site are those that are either current (analysis is still ongoing) or awaiting publication (analysis is complete but efforts are still being made to secure publication of the manuscript).

Consortia are international genetic consortia that TEDS has joined. They typically involve several research groups from a range of universities in different countries. Their purpose is genetic research, often involving meta-analysis of GWAS results from a range of large samples (including TEDS) but sometimes involving other methods including twin modelling or analysis of polygenic scores from a range of samples. These data requests are generally longer-term projects without a fixed time limit and the output may be a series of papers rather than a single publication. Usually, where analysis of genotypic data is involved, the genetic analysis of TEDS data is carried out within KCL then summary statistics are shared with the consortium for meta-analysis.

In summary, this web site displays details of TEDS projects that can be grouped as follows: (1) current researcher projects; (2) researcher projects that are almost complete but awaiting publication; (3) genetic consortia. The second category is included here because the results of these projects cannot yet be seen on our publications page.

Data requests not listed in this web site include (a) projects that have ended without success or without the intention of publication, and (b) projects whose results are now published. The latter may be viewed by means of our publications list and by means of our searchable publications site.

The number of projects currently logged in each category is summarised below:

Data request typeNumber of projects
Researcher Project: current49
Researcher Project: completed but awaiting publication54
Genetic Consortium: current16

Click on a link below to view a list of all the recorded projects in each of the following categories.

Researcher data requests (current and awaiting publication)

Consortium data requests (current)

Alternatively, to search by research domain for a selected list of projects (including both researcher and by consortium data requests) use the drop down list below to select a research domain, then click on the button.

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