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Search for TEDS Publications

This page provides functions for searching the database of TEDS publications. This facility is provided for researchers who wish to discover specific areas of published research in TEDS. Hence, the main search functions are related to domains of research, not (for example) searches for author names or journals.

The database of TEDS publications includes papers in peer-reviewed academic journals, presenting results from analysis of data collected from TEDS participants. The database does not include, for example, papers written by TEDS researchers that are not based on TEDS data.

Search titles by keyword

To search publication titles, enter a word or short phrase in the box below then click the button. This will perform a search for publication titles containing the word or phrase exactly as entered (but not sensitive to capitals or lower case). The maximum allowed length of the word or phrase is 20 characters.

Search by research domains

The database of TEDS publications has been indexed by a selective list of research domain categories. The list of domains used for indexing may be inspected using one of the drop-down-lists below. The choice of domains used for indexing reflects the main categories of measures that have been used to collect data, and the main areas of interest of TEDS researchers and collaborators in published papers.

Each paper has been linked to a maximum of four research domains; some papers have been linked to only one, two or three domains. In some cases, the chosen domain(s) may be only a crude or imperfect match to the particular areas of research described in a paper. Occasionally, for papers with very wide-ranging content, the limit of four domains may be rather selective. However, the chosen domains provide in most cases a reasonably accurate description of the main focus of the paper. If in doubt, try repeated searches using alternative domains that might be relevant.

Use the controls below to search for papers linked to research domains. To search for papers linked to a single domain, select the required domain in the first drop-down-list, then click the button. To broaden the search, select two domains using the two drop-down-lists and choose the "or" option, then click the button. Alternatively, to perform a more specific search for papers involving a pair of given domains, select two domains and choose the "and" option.

Search by origin

The database of TEDS publications has also been indexed by categories of origin, as follows:

Although to some extent these categories overlap, they are defined as follows. TEDS papers are based on analysis carried out within the TEDS team at KCL. This category excludes papers is more specific categories below. Collaboration papers are based on analysis carried out by collaborators external to TEDS (whether in KCL or elsewhere). Again, this excludes papers in other categories below. Sub-study papers are based on analysis of data collected in a spin-off study (administered independently of TEDS but using TEDS participants) or in a TEDS sub-study (administered within TEDS but using a relatively small subsample of participants). Consortium papers have been written by genetic consortium organisations that have been joined by TEDS. They present results that are aggregated or replicated across a number of studies. Meta-analysis and replication may be similar in content to consortium papers, presenting results that are combined or replicated across two or more studies (including TEDS), but unlike a consortium they are one-off projects not part of a formal organisation.

To search for all papers indexed in one of these categories, select from the drop-down-list then click on the button.