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New TEDS book: G is for Genes

The front cover of the new book

Kathryn Asbury, co-author of G is for Genes

G is for Genes: The impact of genetics on education has been published and is now on sale. It is dedicated to you, the TEDS families, as a mark of our gratitude for your generosity and commitment to TEDS research during the last two decades.

We first began to think about writing a book like this when the TEDS twins were 10 years old. This was a time when we were working hard to understand the relationship between school and achievement and it was proving difficult to get to the bottom of how schools actually influence their pupils. This difficulty led to a series of research projects in which many of you took part. They, in turn, informed this book in which we discuss how genetic research can be used to enhance schools. We believe that genetically sensitive schools would offer personalised teaching and learning environments in which more children and young people would thrive and all would be supported in becoming the best that they can be. In G is for Genes we offer suggestions of what a genetically sensitive school might look like and we hope to spark debate about what genetic influence on teaching and learning really means for how we educate our children. We hope you’ll join the conversation and we thank you for providing so much of the evidence.

Kathryn Asbury and Robert Plomin