The next phase of TEDS - TEDS26!

We have a busy 5 years ahead of us and we need your help!

Important new Mental Health Study

The next major phase of TEDS research will be launched in 2021. All TEDS twins will be invited to take part in this exciting new phase of the study which will have mental health as its primary focus. Mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression are being increasingly experienced by young adults. TEDS has been collecting data relating to mental health issues from TEDS’ twins over the years. By adding to this wealth of data at this important stage in the lives of TEDS twins our researchers will be uniquely placed to bring greater understanding to these complex issues.  

Study invitations will be sent by email initially with details which will enable participants to log on easily to take part in the study. If you have changed your email address or think that TEDS doesn’t have a record of your email address please get in touch (teds-project@kcl.ac.uk) so that we can update our system. Paper questionnaires will also be available for participants who prefer to take part in this way.

Study link: https://qualtrics.kcl.ac.uk/jfe/form/SV_etwEU82eo278LhY

Medical Record Linkage

Additionally, we will contact you all with important information about our plans for medical record linkage. This is an exciting new project which will enable TEDS to link the data that we have collected from you to data from your NHS records. This is an extremely secure process governed by the strictest security measures to keep your data safe.

Data linkage has become an increasingly important tool for researchers in recent years as it provides access to important data sources without the need for study participants to repeatedly provide information. For example, in the past many of you permitted us to access your records held on the National Pupil Database which helped TEDS’ researchers to gain a detailed understanding of your educational progress.

Medical record linkage is a major step forward for TEDS and we are working hard to ensure that all TEDS’ participants understand the process involved. In the next year or so, everyone will receive a leaflet explaining in detail what our plans are, why we believe this is an important step forward and, importantly, what you need to do if you would prefer to opt out of this part of the study. 

Recruiting your children into a study of the next generation

TEDS is also hoping to recruit many more of your children to the CoTEDS study over the next 5 years. You can find out more and sign up here: http://www.teds.ac.uk/co-teds

Thank you TEDS twins!