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TEDS has changed a lot throughout the years – many of our TEDS twins still remember the first TEDS logo – two toddlers sitting side-by-side. Now we are turning 21 and it’s time for a change. Our new branding reflects the fact that TEDS is in a new stage and our TEDS twins are now young adults. Let us know what you think of our new branding on Twitter @TedsProject

This stage of life is very varied for our TEDS twins, while some go off to university, others have started jobs and even families and some are travelling. We are interested to look back at the predictors of outcomes in emerging adulthood therefore we ask all our TEDS twins to get involved in the next round of testing happening soon! Check out our TEDS 21 page for more information

The Teds logo - from our first (1) to our current (6)